Fashion Trends & Items to Have In Your Wardrobe For 2018 - Sally Bruce
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Fashion Trends & Items to Have In Your Wardrobe For 2018

Fashion Trends & Items to Have In Your Wardrobe For 2018

Fashion Trends & Items to Have In Your Wardrobe For 2018


Ultra Violet has been named as Pantone’s 2018 colour of the Year!  It is described as dramatically provocative and thoughtful and communicates originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking. The colour has already been trending on the runways so expect to see it everywhere. If you’re keen but a little unsure start introducing it in your accessories eg a bag, shoes, scarf even your nail polish!

THE 90s

There’s definitely a big trend towards the 90s and very evident in accessories. If you’re wanting to change up your look but not wanting to spend a lot accessories are such an affordable way of injecting some trend.  Grab a fun pair of sunnies – the 90s cat-eye matrix style….no more big glasses it’s all about tiny styles. OTT earrings, bold hoops and bangles.


A great pair of jeans is always a good investment…denim jeans can take you from day to evening by simply changing your shoe from a sneaker to a pointed slingback heal or short boot. Look at a bomber or denim jacket during the day to a more structured blazer or cape for evening. Find the perfect denim cut and buy some!


If you’re going to spend money on footwear, look at spending it on a great pair of sneakers……they aren’t going anywhere. Look at either all white or black for maximum versatility.


The black or navy blazer never goes out of style and the range available from high end to low end is huge look at Zara, Country Road and Camilla & Marc.


This is one of those trends that literally reaches across everything. You’ll find it in skirts, tops, dresses and accessories. It’s cute & fresh invest in just a little.


Look at both the singlet and dress form…own it and make it your style. You can wear t.shirts under them or just wear a slip over some skinny jeans…have some fun.


White jackets, white boots, white bags: incursions of crisp white remain a style moment. However the longevity of a trend like white boots….good for now, not for later!


The floral midi dress is sticking around with this in mind look at reinventing how you style it…..look at belting it to toughen the look, add a leather or denim jacket and wear with a white sneaker or boot.


Not for everyone but the beret is going to be huge this winter along with faux fur, the shearling coat and the puffa jacket…….more in the next blog!

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