Personal Stylist Services - Sally Bruce
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Personal Stylist Services

Style Consultation:

The ‘Style Consultation’ is an essential part of the styling service, where I find out about you and what your styling objectives are. I’ll get you to fill out a questionnaire & send a full length photo of yourself so that I have an idea of your style, body shape, what we are shopping for and budget. This is conducted prior to the personal shopping or special event sessions.

Personal Shopping/Styling Session

A one on one shopping session with Sally, a rewarding experience that takes the frustration out of shopping for clothes. I am focused and armed with information about your body shape, colours that suit, lifestyle and budget. Sessions are friendly, practical and educational.

You maybe shopping for: a special event, a new season wardrobe, starting a new job and need new workwear or you just loathe shopping!

Learn how to shop smarter saving time and money, give you added confidence to shop for your best style and…I’ll make sure you only buy things that suit you!

The experience includes:

Style Consultation

Pre-shopping and preparation conducted by Sally the day prior to your session

One on one accompanied shopping session at an agreed venue. We will visit a variety of fashion retailers that work with your personal requirements.

Duration: 3 hrs shopping with client

3 hrs pre shop by Sally

Price: $575

Personal Styling Session Northern Beaches North Shore
Wardrobe review service personal stylist

Wardrobe Review

Did you know that most people wear only 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time? Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes that you don’t wear, fit into or even like? Are you overwhelmed by the size of your wardrobe but still have nothing to wear?

The experience includes:

Culling any items that don’t work for you anymore

Re-organising your wardrobe and give you a new love of your clothes

Create new outfits out of what you have in your wardrobe

Make a shopping list of anything that might be missing

You will discover new, exciting ways to wear your items…a shopping trip in your own home!

Duration: 2 hrs

Price: $300

Duration: 3 hrs

Price: $450

Wardrobe & Shopping Session

This session is about maximising what you have in your wardrobe and finding the gaps so we know what to buy on your shopping session. I’ll breathe life into what you currently have and give you style tips and advice during the session.

This session will be followed by a shop to purchase the missing pieces that will make your wardrobe as stylish and wearable as can be.

The experience includes:

Style Consultation

1.5 hr wardrobe review

Pre-shopping and preparation conducted by Sally the day prior to your session

2.5 hr personal shopping session

Duration: 4 hrs with client

2 hrs pre shop by Sally

Price: $600

Wardrobe makeover and shopping session personal stylist northern beaches sydney

Event Shopping

Personal shopping for a specific outfit for a special occasion.

The experience includes:

Style consultation

Pre shopping and preparation conducted by Sally the day prior to your session

2.5 hrs personal shopping

Duration: 2.5 hrs shopping with client

2 hrs pre shop by Sally

Price: $475

Personalised VIP Packages:

Personalised styling packages available on request.

 Gift Voucher:

For someone who you think would love all the benefits of having a personal stylist experience. Available on request.